side dishes, bread + rice

dal curry / £4.50 vg
lentil curry tempered with garlic, chillies, mustard seeds + curry leaves

rasam / £4.50 vg
spicy south indian broth (gluten, mustard seeds)

vegetable curry / £6.50
pamba aubergine vg / beetroot, spinach + pumpkin curry vg / hyderabadi dal + paneer (dairy) v / tirupati vegetable curry (nuts) vg

thoran / £5.00 vg
dry, stir fried vegetable dish with fresh coconut + mustard seeds

kerala paratha / £3.50 vg
our famous flaky flat bread cooked on the griddle (gluten)

plain boiled rice / £2.25 vg
south indian medium grain rice

coconut rice / £2.75 vg
basmati rice, cooked with onions, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds + coconut milk

curd rice / £2.75 v
rice + yoghurt tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger + green chilli (dairy)

raita / £1.75 v
our homemade yoghurt with finely chopped vegetables (dairy)

chefs working in kitchen

v = vegetarian (request vegan if possible)
vg = vegan

our chicken + lamb are british, halal + free range

we use rapeseed oil in our cooking

many south indian dishes contain mustard seeds
please ask if you need advice

an optional 12.5% service charge
will be added to your meal.