keralan sunset £7.50 / (50ml)
classic aperitif of campari mixed with sweet
vermouth + charged with fever-tree soda.

maharani bloom £7.50 / (35ml)
the quintessential english drink, bloom london
dry gin with fever-tree tonic.

vijay potocki £7.50 / (35ml)
a refreshing old favourite made with the tasty potocki polish rye vodka + fever-tree cola.

ganapati elixir £7.50 / (35ml)
our signature house aperitif is a combination of domaine de canton french ginger liqueur + fever-tree tonic water.

monsoon diplomatico £7.50 / (35ml)
award winning venezuelan diplomatico anejo rum mixed with the naturally spicy fever-tree ginger beer + angostura bitters.

spritzer £7.00 / (125ml)
white wine served with fever-tree soda on ice.

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