coffees, teas + after dinner drinks

monsoon malabar coffee
our coffee has been specially blended for us from plantations in the mountains of southern india. the beans are left out in open containers during the monsoons to allow the warm damp air to circulate, giving the coffee its characteristic sweetness of flavour.

cappuccino / latte / americano / £2.50
espresso (single) / £2.00
espresso (double) / £2.50

masala chai / £3.50
spiced with ginger, cardamom + black pepper
tea earl grey / mint / £2.00


diplomatico exclusive reserve rum
(35ml) / 40% / £6.00
award winning aged rum that has unrivalled smooth + rich character.

amrut fusion indian single malt whisky
(35ml) / 50% / £6.00
amrut has come into its own with fusion. Every flavour knows its place.

compass box hedonism scotch whisky
(35ml) / 40% / £8.00
this hedonistic Whisky oozes vanilla + chocolate with a touch of smoke.

domaine de canton french ginger liqueur
(35ml) / 28% / £6.00
this smooth french ginger elixir is the perfect way to end our south indian experience.

ganapati ginger lily
(50ml) / £8.00
our decadent house blend of domanine de canton ginger liqueur and diplomatico reserve rum

camus vsop elegancey
(35ml) / 40% / £6.00
aged in tight-grained oak casks, ripe fruit aromas, hint of vanilla on the finish.

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