mango, banana, sweet or savoury
/ £3.00
made with our own homemade yoghurt.

lime soda, salt / sugar / £3.00
made with fever tree soda water.

fever tree ginger beer
(200ml) / £3.00
the award winning fever tree range is made with the finest and most authentic natural ingredients available.

lemonaid is an organic drink, charitea is brewed organic ice tea both are made with fair trade ingredients. The makers put 5p on each bottle sold, into their charitable organization supporting social and economic projects in their farmers’ local communities.

lemonaid passionfruit (330ml) / £3.50
passionfruit drink with hint of lime + mango

charitea mate (330ml) / £3.50
sparkling cold mate tea with natural caffeine

charitea red (330ml) / £3.50
south african cold rooibos tea with passion fruit

charitea green (330ml) / £3.50
refreshing cold green tea with hint of ginger + honey

frank still + sparkling water (750ml) / £3.00
frank water project is dedicated to founding clean water plants for the world's underserved communities.