ganapati vegetarian thali / £15.00
a classic vegetarian thali with the following items: sambar, dal, rasam, thoran, moru, vegetable curry, rice, chapatti, chamanthee, pickle, poppadoms + sweet.
(some items contain gluten, dairy + nuts)

mini thali
vegetarian / £11.00
fish or free range chicken / £12.00
lamb / £13.50
served with rice, dal, thoran, raita (dairy),
poppadoms + pickle.

laimun fish / plain rice / £14.00
sea bass fillet in masala of dried lime, roasted rice, fenugreek + tomato / plain rice.

alleppey fish hot / plain rice / hot / £14.00
sea bream fillet cooked in tomato, red chilli, shallots, garlic, tamarind with coconut oil / plain rice.

malabar prawn / plain rice / £13.50
tiger prawns in masala of coconut, fennel, tomato + black pepper / thoran, pickle / plain rice.

bellary lamb / coconut rice / £14.50
lamb cooked in a thick sauce of tomato, green chilli, garam masala + dried fenugreek leaves / coconut rice.

badam kozhi / plain rice / £13.50
free range chicken breast cooked in creamy masala of ground almonds, poppy seeds, garlic + bay leaves.(contains nuts)

pepper chicken / coconut rice / spicy / £13.50
free range boned chicken leg leg meat cooked in red onions, chillies, black pepper + garam masala / coconut rice.

kerala goat biriyani / £14.50
pieces of spiced goat leg in rich masala cooked with lightly spiced basmati rice (cashews, sultanas) / green mango chutneys, raita (dairy) / poppadoms.

proposal vegetable curry / plain rice / £11.50 v
aubergine, potato + drumsticks cooked in tomato, garlic + cumin masala / thoran, raita (dairy), pickle / plain rice.

roasted aubergine masala / plain rice / £11.50 v
baby aubergines in masala of roasted aubergine, onion, tomato, chana dal + tamarind / thoran, raita (dairy), pickle / plain rice.

malappuram vegetable curry / plain rice / £11.50 v
jackfruit, carrot and green peas in kashmiri chilli, coconut, ginger, tomato + poppy seeds masala / thoran, raita (dairy), pickle / plain rice.

mushroom + spinach curry / plain rice / £11.50v
button mushrooms + spinach in a masala of black pepper, fennel, garlic + roasted coconut / thoran, raita (dairy), pickle / plain rice.

masala dosa / £9.00
rice flour + lentil fermented pancake stuffed with spicy mashed potato / sambar + chutneys vg (sambar contains a little gluten)

vg = vegan

an optional 12.5% service charge
will be added to your meal.