available tuesday to friday.
last order is taken at 2.45pm.

masala dosa / £7.00
rice flour pancake stuffed with spiced mashed potato, served with sambar (contains gluten) + chutneys.

vegetable thali / £7.50
vegetable curry, rice, thoran, yoghurt curry
(contains dairy), pickle (contains gluten) + pappadoms.

free range chicken curry + rice / £7.50
medium spiced curry served with pappadoms
+ raita. (contains dairy)

kerala fish curry + rice / £7.50
pieces of swordfish cooked in tomato, coconut + tamarind masala served with rice + pappadoms.

cheera parippu + rice / £7.00
dal + spinach curry served with rice, raita
(contains dairy), pickle (contains gluten) + pappadoms.

dal curry + curd rice / £7.00
rice + yoghurt tempered with curry leaves (contains dairy), mustard seeds + ginger served with dal, pickle (contains dairy), pappadoms + tomato chutney.