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38 Holly Grove
SE15 5DF

020 7277 2928

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday
12 noon – 2.45pm +
6pm – 10.30pm

12 noon – 10.30pm

12 noon – 10.00pm

Welcome to Ganapati Restaurant, home of south Indian cuisine here in Peckham.

The kitchen is the soul of a restaurant as it is of a
home. It is a place of hard work, companionship, and the sharing of skills and ideas. Our influences are the home style cooking and street food of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Ganapati is one of the south Indian names for the elephant-headed god Ganesh. He is the well-loved remover of obstacles, with a particular fondness
for sweets.

We do not provide takeaway meals from Ganapati Restaurant.

Radical Acts of Care

Radical Acts of Care is an exhibition at Ganapati Restaurant of collaborative work by Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter, partners in art and life.

Their work explores the nature of caring and vulnerability, and aims to raise awareness of Charlie’s condition EDS, for which she is undergoing life saving neurosurgery in Barcelona in May 2019. Artwork includes prints and postcards that are available for sale.

For further information go to /

a special table for Adventure Ashram

We are proud to support this small but important charity Adventure Ashram in their fight against human trafficking and their support for tribal children’s access to education and healthcare in south India.

Adventure Ashram work with small grassroots organizations helping hundreds of women, children and young people escape human trafficking to find safe spaces and build better futures.

When you come to dine at Ganapati Restaurant, you may find yourself sitting at a table that has been assigned as a ‘special charity table’ - where the profit from the meal ordered will go to Adventure Ashram.