pappadoms / £4.50 vg
with our homemade pickles + chutneys.
(pickles contain a little gluten)

vegetarian street snacks / £5.50 vg
bonda + vadai : spicy potato balls fried in chick pea batter, ground chana dal patties with ginger, curry leaf + green chilli / chutneys.

stuffed chilli bhajis / £5.50 vg
large green chillies stuffed with spiced green banana masala, dipped in chickpea flour batter + deep fried / chutney.

chicken liver fry / £6.00
free range chicken livers pan-fried in cumin, black pepper, chilli, red onions, curry leaves + lemon juice.

crab thoran / £7.50
hand-picked british crab meat cooked with onions, ginger, curry leaves, spices + fresh coconut / chutney. (chutney contains diary)

paneer dosa / £6.00 v
rice flour + lentil pancake filled with masala of onions, tomatoes, chilli + paneer (diary) / chutneys.

vg = vegan

an optional 12.5% service charge
will be added to your meal.